First Women

13 November 2022 – 8 January 2023

This unique collection of photographic portraits captures women in the UK who were first in their field of achievement. Displayed across the Wardlaw Museum and the Laidlaw Music Centre, Anita Corbin’s photographs provide inspiration and insight into sport, music, politics and many more areas of life.

Cultural Prescription
When: Thursday 10 November, 4pm–5:30pm. Sign up here.
Where: Wardlaw Museum
Who: Students and Staff
Now more than ever it’s important to take time for your wellbeing, connect to others, and to St Andrews. If you want to try something new and creative, Cultural Prescription might be for you. Try your hand at some new artistic techniques, singing and movement. This month, be inspired by the pioneering women in the First Women series and reflect on your own strengths.

Critical Conversations: Why Failure is a Good Thing
 Tuesday 15 November, 5:30pm–6:15pm. Join here.
Where: Online
Who: Adults
Whose voices are missing from museums? Which stories are not told? Which uncomfortable histories remain hidden? And how can museums move forward? From empire and colonialism to climate, identity and more, Critical Conversations bring together voices from a variety of perspectives to consider the critical issues. You will also have the opportunity to submit your thoughts and questions for the panel’s consideration.
This month, join us for a discussion about why failure is a good thing, and a necessary step on the road to success.

Printmaking: Art Soc X Wardlaw
 Wednesday 30 November, 2pm–4pm. Sign up here.
Where: Wardlaw Museum
Join Art Soc to be inspired by the queen of prints, Tatyana Grossman, a pioneer in lithograph printing. Try your hand at your own printmaking, inspired by Anita Corbin’s First Women, currently hosted at the Wardlaw Museum.

The Curiosity Conversation – Anita Corbin
When: Available from Thursday 1 December
Where:Anchor, Spotify and other podcasting platforms 
Who: Adults 
The Curiosity Conversation speaks with a different expert every month to explore the world through the unexpected, ground-breaking or contested aspects of the stories museums tell.  This month, join Matt and Eilidh as they speak to Anita Corbin, the acclaimed photographer behind First Women UK. They discuss how the project came to be, the traditions it speaks to, and the role that failure plays in success.