Get Outdoors

Get Outdoors helps you make the most of your walk outside. Step into a landscape painting and notice the different things that make it up before downloading an I-Spy activity, switching off your screen and exploring the world on your doorstep.

Every fortnight we’ll post a new activity to give your daily walk a bit of a difference. First, explore the Exhibit and spend five minutes stepping into an artwork. Then print the PDF or download it to your phone and use to spot different features in the world on your doorstep.

Week 12: Sunsets

Explore Galloway Landscape

Download the Resource: Galloway Landscape

Week 12: Doocots

Explore Doocot at Prestonkirk

Download the Resource: Doocot at Prestonkirk

Week 12: Beaches

Explore East Sands

Download the Resource: East Sands

Week 11: Mountain Walk

Explore Landscape with Trees

Download the Resource: Landscape with Trees

Week 10: Crossing Places

Explore Crossing Place by Helen Firth

Download the Resource: Crossing Place

Week 9: Loch Lomond

Explore Ben Lomond from Luss by A Rahman

Download the Resource: Loch Lomond

Week 8: Warm Weather

Explore Spanish Mountain by Alistair Grant

Download the Resource: Spanish Mountain

Week 7: Landscapes

Explore Landscape by Evelyn Ince

Download the Resource: Landscapes

Week 6: Spring

Explore View of St Salvator’s Chapel Tower by Lady Mabel Irvine

Download the Resource: Spring

Week 5: Hills, fields and crops

Explore Branchiclitte, Burra Island, Shetland by Jean Fleming

Download the resource: Get Outdoors: Hills, fields and crops

Week 4: Sea and shapes

Explore Harbour Scence by Ian Eadie

Download the resource: Get Outdoors: sea and shapes

Week 3: Snow

Explore Snow Window by Irene Halliday

Download the resource: Get Outdoors: snow

Week 2: Queen of the Birds

Explore Queen of the Birds by Edward Arthur Gage

Download the resource: Get Outdoors: birds

Week 1: Falmore and exploring water

Explore Falmore by Barbara Rae

Download the resource: Get Outdoors: water